Wilks Bay Music

Selection of Music and Music Videos Filmed in PORT ANTONIO


How to Play Reggae Bass  


with Devon Bradshaw. Filmed and recorded live at the AXX studio in Norwich, Port Antonio  


FEATURED VIDEO: Rising Stars Winner Chris Martin  


Chris Martin's music video - filmed at Wilks Bay & the San San Area


Video @ San San Beach  


Mento Music  


Music video for a popular dance song. Filmed on San San Beach, Blue Lagoon & other areas in Port Antonio  


Mento music is Jamaican folk music. The Jolly Boys (feat. the late Albert Minott), from Port Antonio, play Amy Winehouse's Rehab, Mento Style!  


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Port Antonio provides a great backdrop for music. Lots of artists and musicians visit Port Antonio and get inspiration from its beauty and musical vibe. This may be why many songs have been written and recorded here and many music videos have been filmed here. Bands and singers often collaborate with local musicians to get that real Jamaican feel in their music.


Here is a selection of our favourite videos – either recorded and/or filmed in and around the Port Antonio area.

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