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  THREE LITTLE BIRDS (Live Performance)      

  ALL I CAN DO (Nadia's)          

  PAPER LOVING (Port Antonio Music)



Wilks Bay Music - where you can follow the music of Wilks Bay, Port Antonio, Jamaica.

Wilks Bay Music is the music site for Wilks Bay Resort ( It was set up by Nadia Lowe, our resident singer songwriter, when guests at Wilks Bay suggested we have a website dedicated to music at Wilks Bay.

A lot of our guests want to listen to Jamaican music while they are here and we take guests to Vinyl Night in Drapers Village, Soldier Camp also for old time reggae and Geejam and Goblin Hill to listen to mento - The Jolly Boys and Heartbeat Mento Band. And of course Road Block for dancehall.

However many guests wanted still more! So we set up a recording studio at Wilks Bay where Nadia does recordings of both her songs and guests' performances and where guests can experiment with Jamaican instruments. 

We also started doing live performances for guests at Wilks Bay featuring Nadia and other local musicians. It seemed like the right time to follow guests' requests and start Wilks Bay Music so here it is! 


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